• SEO Specialist

    We are looking for a skilled, entrepreneurial SEO Specialist to join our Digital Marketing team.

    As SEO Specialist you will become a key contributor within our team, responsible for designing and delivering a best-in-class SEO strategy that will improve our online presesnce and increase high-quality organic traffic to our website (weroad.it), blog (stories.weroad.it), and landing pages.

    Our ideal candidate will have strong expertise and hands-on experience in SEO strategy and implementation: as our first resource fully dedicated to SEO, you will become our internal SEO evangelist and become responsible, A to Z, for all of our SEO activities.

  • Biddable & Performance Marketing Specialist

    We are looking for a talented, entrepreneurial Biddable & Performance Marketing Specialist to join our Digital Marketing team.

    As Biddable & Performance Specialist, you will leverage your experience and expertise in performance marketing, PPC campaigns, SEM, paid social ADV, display, Youtube/video advertising, programmatic advertising, email marketing, A/B testing and CRO to develop and execute best-in-class strategies for all of WeRoad’s biddable media activities.

    Your mission is simple: play a key role in boosting traffic, acquiring new customers, and optimizing our conversion rate.

  • Content Strategist

    If you’ve seen our Instagram account, browsed our website, or read one of our newsletters, you’ll have noticed just how important content is to our overall marketing strategy here at WeRoad. Inspiring, entertaining, and creating a connection with WeRoaders and prospects is the daily obsession of our Marketing team.

    That’s why we are looking for a proactive, entrepreneurial, and creative Content Strategist who will play a key role within our Marketing team, leading the team to produce new, high potential content. The Content Strategist will drive and oversee the creation of new formats in order to maximize the impact of our content across various proprietary channels, driving performance against a set of predefined KPIs (reach, interactions, engagement rate, video view rate, email open rate and click rate, traffic, etc.).